4 Ways to Tell if Your Jewellery is Real Gold

4 Ways to Tell if Your Jewellery is Real Gold

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When investing in the gold ring one would like to make it in real gold and not in fake one as it is a costly metal. So how to tell if a ring is a real gold. It can be gold electroplated too instead of pure gold. Here are a few ways to ascertain if the jewellery you are investing in is real gold or fake.

Check the Markings:

First of all buy only from a reputable and trusted place. They will give you proper receipts of your purchase having details like weight, karat, wastage, and price. Still, you should ascertain that you are getting the genuine piece and for that ask the jeweller to show you the proof of certification. In gold, the hallmark is considered as the purity standard. How to tell if a ring is a real gold? This mark is there on all gold items and displays the karats. At times, it’s difficult to figure out the mark on your own as it is at an inconspicuous place but ask the jeweller to show it to you. Besides depicting purity the marking also indicates if the jewellery piece is cast only in god or is alloyed with some other thing. For things that are gold plated the letters ‘GP’ is printed, similarly, there is ‘PT’ for platinum, ‘GF’ for gold filled etc.

Nitric Acid Test:

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On the gold item make a tiny scratch on the underside using a nail file. Now put a drop of nitric acid on that scratch. If the gold is real there will be no reaction. If the item is gold plated the spot will turn greenish while if there is gold over sterling then a milky substance will be formed. Be careful while using nitric acid as it’s a strong acid. Use a dropper to put a drop on to the scratch and wear gloves to prevent it from coming in contact with your skin.

Take Professional’s Help:

You can take your jewellery piece to a jewellery store and get it checked professionally. Normally all good jewellery stores do that for a small fee.

Density Test:

Gold is denser than most of the metals with24K gold density being   19.3 g/ml. Thus, measuring the density can also help in determining if it is real. Note down the exact weight of your gold piece. Now fill a vial with water and note down its water level. Place the gold item in a vial and note the level again. Calculate the difference in water levels. Now use the formula Density = mass/volume to get the density as the mass will be the weight of your gold piece and volume will be the displacement in water level. If the density comes closer to 19 g/ml, the gold is pure and of 24k. For 22k, the density comes in the range of 17.7 -17.8 g/ml and so on. This method works only for pure gold items with no gemstones in it.

These are a few ways of how to tell if a ring is real gold. You can use the one you feel comfortable with.

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